Create a link to a new note from selected text in Dendron

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

You can link to a new note from selected text with CMD + SHIFT + S.

This is useful for when you want to take notes on a todo that you are working on or you discover that there are sub tasks to the task you are doing.

Ian Jones: [0:01] Here, I'm in a daily note. I'm going to use my user snippet, so I'm going to type to and tab. That creates a to-do for me. I'm going to write explain link to selection. In Dendron, you can highlight text and hit Cmd + Shift + S. By default, this will create a new scratch note for you with the text appended to the scratch note.

[0:38] This option is enabled by default. You can configure it to extract the text in your user preferences if you prefer that, but this is useful. When I hit Enter, it creates a new note for me. When I go back here, you can see that now this is actually a link. When I'm in Preview mode, you can see that this is a Markdown link.

[1:14] This is useful for a to-do that might need notes when you're doing the to-do. If this is multiple to-dos, and you need to break it down even further, you can add whatever you want inside of this file. Link to selection is super useful. Just as an overview, you can write any text. Select that text. Hit Cmd + Shift + S. By default, it will give you scratch.

[1:53] If you want to name it something different, you can hit this Create Scratch Note as off, and then it will append it to your current hierarchy. When you hit Enter, it will create that file. If you navigate back or if you navigate up, you can see that the link has been created to that file. You can Command click into that link, and this is a preview of that file.