Navigate Hierarchical Notes in Dendron

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

In this lesson, we take a look at the keyboard shortcuts that Dendron provides us to navigate our hierarchy of notes.

Heres a quick cheat sheet:

  • CMD+SHIFT+ down arrow: navigate down into your hierarchy
  • CMD+SHIFT+ up arrow: navigate up your hierarchy
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ [: navigate over your sibling notes
  • CTRL + SHIFT+ ]: navigate over sibling notes the other way

Ian Jones: [0:01] Dendron has hotkeys to allow you to move around your notes pretty quickly. Right now, I'm in the Dendron note which is the highest in the hierarchy of this Dendron note and this Dendron note.

[0:16] I can run Cmd + Shift + Arrow Down, and you can see that the Lookup is asking if I want to go to Note or Welcome. I'll go to Note, and you can see now I'm there.

[0:32] To navigate to sibling notes, notes that are at the same level of hierarchy, so in this example, dendron.note and dendron.welcome are sibling notes, because they're both children of the Dendron hierarchy. We can toggle between them by hitting Ctrl + Shift + Bracket and Ctrl + Shift + Opening Bracket.

[0:58] The closing bracket goes to the bottom one, and then back and forth like so.

[1:05] Along with that, to go back up to the topmost Dendron note, I can run Cmd + Shift + Up. Now, I'm back to the Dendron Quickstart note.

~ a year ago

Dendron must have changed recently but my shortcut to navigate to siblings is CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT or CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT.

Ian Jones
Ian Jonesinstructor
~ a year ago

I'm going to update the lesson soon, Dendron changed the hot keys to CTRL + SHIFT + [ and CTRL + SHIFT + ]

— Ian Jones