Insert a Snippet In Dendron with VSCode Snippets

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

Ian Jones: [0:00] Dendron builds off of Visual Studio Code's snippet functionality. We can view all of the default snippets by hitting Command-Shift-P and then Preferences -- Configure User Snippets, and then dendron.code-snippets. Here, you can see all the snippets that are available.

[0:26] To use the snippet, all you have to do is type time and then hit Tab. You can see that the current time with the date has been entered. This is really nice if you're taking minutes or if you need to enter the same text over and over again. It's nice for that, so you can do a to-do and that is "to" in Markdown.

[0:56] If we open up the preview...Let's go Dendron, Show Preview, "This is a todo." You can see that the preview of the Markdown rendered this as a little button and it's clickable.