Download and Install a Dendron Workspace

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

Dendron is a Visual Studio Code extension that you can download and install free of charge.

To download a visual studio code extension, we press Command + Shift + P on the Mac. Then you type: install extensions. Search for Dendron and download all the related plugins.

To initialize a Dendron Workspace, we use Command + Shift + P and type Dendron: initialize workspace.

This activates the extension and creates the minimum amount of Dendron files we need to get started.

Ian Jones: [0:01] To get started with Dendron, you need to download Visual Studio Code onto your computer, so Visual Studio Code supports Windows, Linux, and Apple. Now that you have Visual Studio Code downloaded, we're going to install the Dendron extension.

[0:23] To do that, we will call Install Extensions. You'll type Dendron, and we'll click Install. You can see that there's other Dendron extensions that are available. Let's go ahead and install them because we'll need them eventually.

[0:48] The first thing that we're going to do is initialize the workspace, so Dendron: Initialize Workspace. Now, we're asked where we want to put our Dendron Workspace. I'm going to call mine Dendron-example. There we have it. We have Dendron installed.