Dendron Tree View

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

Dendron Tree View is a side panel in VSCode that renders a folder structure of your notes based on your hierarchies.

Since all your notes are in a single flat file, Dendron has created a Tree View to render a collapsable folder like view for your notes.

Ian Jones: [0:00] Dendron gives you this panel called Dendron Tree View, which is oftentimes more useful than just the Workspace. The Workspace just lists out all the files and folders that are in your current workspace. I don't use this very often. I usually close the Dendron Workspace and open Dendron Tree View. This is a view of your schema.

[0:26] Since I have two hierarchies defined, I have two Tree Views. With Dendron, I have note and welcome, because those are the only two notes. With daily, it's a little more complicated.

[0:42] Basically, Dendron is creating a folder structure for us so we can dig into daily journal 2020 and then the month of December. I can go to the 6th or the 20th. You can see this + button, which indicates that this hierarchy file has not been created. If I click the +, it goes away. Now, I have this 12th.

[1:15] Some reason you might want to do this for daily specifically is to create a December monthly review or something. Because our schema defines these top files, they don't need to exist, but Dendron will suggest for you to create them if you want to.